Photos: Andrea Hanning Fotografie - Falkensee

Available puppy in kennel "Kobayashi Maru"

In the kennel Kobayashi Maru in Falkensee near Berlin a puppy has unexpectedly become available again and is still looking for a great family. The allocation of the puppies has not yet been determined and will only be made at a later date when we can say more about the individual characters. Ideally, the sesame female should remain in the area of Berlin/Brandenburg and it would be nice if her new family can imagine to support Kobayashi Maru’s breeding program in case she is suitable for breeding. Further information is available directly from the two breeders Regina and Sabrina Zellinger.
Please send your applications directly to the following e-mail address: or call +49 176 80 88 10 05.
1 black & tan male, 1 sesame female and 1 red male were born. The father of the puppies is our stud dog Soba. You can find more pictures on our page external litters.

Edit 27.04.2024: The sesame female will stay with the breeders and support their breeding programme in case she passes all health tests. Therefore all three puppies found their families.