Stan Lee House of Paws


Soba was born on Feb 1st, 2021 in the kennel “House of Paws” in Poland and is our little clown. He always makes us laugh when we suddenly see him lying on his back with his paws up. Soba is not afraid of anything and has been a good support for his big “brother” Yoshi in everyday life since the beginning. He adores Panda, loves to fool around with her and cleans her extensively. Soba has read his breed description very well, whenever stranger dogs bump into us, Soba watches them and their behaviour closely in order to decide how he feels about them. Generally speaking he is not the type of dog who needs stranger dogs in his life. He likes the dogs he knows and of course his own pack and that is enough for him. He is extremely open-minded towards people and children and also likes to give them wet dog kisses ­čÖé
Soba is available for stud services for healthy FCI females. If you want to know more about our conditions, write us a message.

Health & DNA

Born on: Feb 1st, 2021

HD: A2

PL: 0/0

Eyes: free (inkl. gonioscopy)

GM1: free

DNA: aw/at, E/E (no creme carrier), S/S (no pinto carrier), L/L (no long coat carrier)

BetterBred: Link to his profile