Fudzisan Akane No Kurohime


Panda is our black princess. She was born in Russia on Nov 9th, 2021, came to us in 2022 and has turned our everyday life upside down. Panda is a very lively Shiba, especially when her owner comes home ­čśë To put it in the words of our neighbour, “I heard you were back!” ­čśÇ She is a very watchful dog – burglars wouldn’t stand a chance. Soba and her are one mind and she has a place in Yoshi’s heart too. Panda is a very greedy dog when it comes to food, if it were up to her, the daily meals would be twice as big ­čÖé She loves playing fetch, especially when a ball is thrown and would tirelessly bring it back again and again. What she doesn’t like at all is cutting claws and carrying harnesses – for the latter she likes to pretend that a brick has been put on her back. She is very confident towards other dogs and solves unwanted encounters in a charming way. Panda attaches great importance to etiquette when meeting new dogs and prefers calm, equally confident dogs. She gives very direct feedback to pushy dogs, but always remains fair. We love our little princess and hope that she will give us many little furry miracles.

Health & DNA

Born on: Nov 9th, 2021

HD: B2

PL: 0/0

Eyes: frei (inkl. gonioscopy)

GM1/2: free

DNA: at/at, E/e (creme carrier), S/S (no pinto carrier), L/L (no long coat carrier)

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