The Shiba

A Shiba is not a dog breed for beginners, that’s what you hear again and again. I myself was a novice dog owner when I got my first Shiba. A blank slate, so to speak, without any preconceptions. I had no particular expectations of a dog, which was certainly advantageous. You don’t have to be a dog specialist to make living with a Shiba work, but you should be prepared to change your perspective on things sometimes, find ways that suit both of you and be ready to get involved with a very special dog breed – and all that with a good sense of humour.
Uschi Schenk, Tanja Marion Pöhlmann and our dear friend Christine Bamberger have written a detailed portrait of the Shiba in issue #20 of the magazine “Mein Herz bellt”. There you will find a lot of important information about the Shiba, its origin, its behaviour and in the end you may be able to answer yourself the question if a Shiba suits you or if another breed may be a better companion for you.