Yoshi is our first Shiba and was born on Dec 31st, 2016 He came to us at 9 weeks old and was everything we didn’t expect: A scared dog. That’s right, a scared dog in the middle of Berlin – not a good combination. The first few weeks were not easy, we were completetely new to the dog world and admittedly overwhelmed. Yoshi came from a dubios breeder in Germany (often called a backyard breeder) and probably didn’t get to know anything there in his first weeks of life, which is why he is not coping well with many everyday situatios (-> deprivation syndrome). Yoshi is an important part of our pack and probably even the reason why we breed today. Through him we have learned how important it is to raise and socialise puppies well. Soba and Panda are an important support for Yoshi in everyday life and always help him not to see things so negatively. Yoshi is a very quiet Shiba and takes a little longer to let strangers into his heart, but once they have found a place there, there is nothing that could stop him from expressing the joy he is feeling ­čÖé