Kennel Kobayashi Maru: Litter "B" was born

In the kennel Kobayashi Maru in Falkensee near Berlin the B-litter was born on March 21st, 2024. The father of the litter is our stud dog Soba. A total of 3 puppies were born:

1 black&tan male ­čľĄ
1 black-sesame female ­čĄÄ
1 red male ­čží

Maru did an excellent job in giving birth in less than 1.5 hours and the puppies weights were 300g, 281g and 264g. We are already looking forward to visiting and getting to know the three color wonders.
Pictures of the puppies can be found on our page “External litters” and of course on our Instagram page.
We wish the breeders Regina and Sabrina Zellinger all the best and much joy with raising this litter.
The puppies have already found their families who are eagerly awaiting the collection day.