Litter A:
Panda's pregnancy is confirmed!

Exciting news (surprise, surprise) 😊

Panda’s pregnancy was confirmed by ultrasound on July 18th, 2023 (on about day 25 of gestation)! We have spied 4 fetuses and of course hope that everything will go well during the delivery.
The potential new owners have already been informed and are just as thrilled as we are 🙂
It will be an exciting time, now we will run the last errands to be perfectly prepared for the arrival of the little ones.
We are very much looking forward to what Panda is baking in her belly and are also proud that everything is going so well and according to plan. The delivery will be at the end of August and we can’t wait to see the first Ikigai-kens bustling about. The little ones will certainly not only have a lot of fun in our kennel and garden but also paint the town of Berlin red (at least a little bit) 😀

Thanks again to Julija and Piotr, the breeders of the parents to be. We could not have asked for more wonderful dogs, and hope you share our joy! ☺️

Special thanks go to Melissa Jesse from True Passion Fotografie for the magical litter announcement – I love it!
Melissa will also record the litter photographically, which I am very excited about. Starting from our first photo session almost 2 years ago, we developed a wonderful friendship, which I am very happy about, so it was perfectly logical that she will accompany this litter very closely 🥰

Here you can see the beating heart of one of the fetuses 🙂