Litter planning 2023

Our litter planning for 2023 is set! For our first litter we intend to use our own male Soba as stud. If everything goes as planned, Panda should be in heat in June and will be mated then. We hope to welcome our first little pups in late summer/early fall. In this litter we only expect black sesame and black & tan puppies.
We generally do not work with a waiting list, but decide according to sympathy, life circumstances and expectations of the puppy. We are always happy to be contacted, and even if we don’t have a puppy from this litter for you, there is of course always the possibility to wait for a puppy from the following litters. We are also happy to recommend other breeder colleagues, just let us know ­čÖé

Click here for the pedigree of the puppies: